Local government should not operate like a business

Creative thinking has been replaced with concerns only for bottom line

Editor, The Record:

Re: Run Mission more like a business, Dec. 15 edition.

The suggestion that the city should be run like a business is an old claim which has now become part of the populace psyche. In my humble opinion, it’s just plain wrong.

The reality is that government shouldn’t be about making a profit; it’s about taking care of the things that shouldn’t need to.

We all learned this in school, yet since the late 1970s there has been this huge push toward privatization and now it seems we’ve replaced creative thinking with concern only for the bottom line.

History has taught us that business-minded individuals make poor leaders.

We live in a democracy, not a corporate republic. Why don’t we look at governance like we look at family? All should be able to have their say and decisions should be in the interest of the members and future generations.

Kevin Francis


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