March is Kidney Health Month

Learn the risk factors for kidney disease and importance of early detection

Editor, The Record:

Kidney disease is under-recognized, incurable, and undetectable in its early stages. Yet, the disease is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the western world. In fact, one in 10 Canadians are affected by kidney disease. In British Columbia alone, over 240,000 individuals have the disease and many don’t even know it because symptoms in the early stages are silent.

But there is hope. If people knew early enough that they had kidney disease, or were at risk, many could prevent or delay the need for life-saving dialysis or transplantation.

During March, Kidney Health Month, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, B.C. Branch, will work to raise awareness about the risk factors for the disease and the importance of early detection.

On March 14, World Kidney Day, the B.C. Branch and its volunteers will join organizations and communities around the world who will be participating in events and promotions to help raise awareness and education about kidney disease. Patients will be celebrating the discovery of the life-saving treatment, dialysis, and the developments in transplantation.

Over 3,000 Kidney Foundation volunteers will also be canvassing homes across the province during our annual March Drive Campaign to raise much-needed funds for critical programs and services.

Lois Wilson

Regional Director, Fraser Valley

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, B.C. Branch