Meter readers have been patient

The provincial government needs to meet with local meter readers

Editor, The Record:

Re: Patience during transition appreciated, May 10 edition.

BC Hydro is right that British Columbians have been patient. For over a year now they’ve brought forward varied concerns about smart meters and borne the fact that the BC government refused to subject the program to the oversight of the BC Utilities Commission. They’ve faced the reality of having no real opt-out provision.

But even farther back there’s a group that’s been even more patient: meter readers. Since 2008 they have waited for the government and BC Hydro to come up with a transition plan for their jobs, knowing their years of institutional knowledge is invaluable to our public utility. When that failed to happen they asked to meet with Minister Rich Coleman or the premier. The almost 400 meter readers are still waiting for a meeting with them as individuals or with their union.

The BC government has already had four years to take the opportunity to listen to meter readers and help protect community-supporting jobs. This doesn’t bode well for concerned British Columbians who are looking for the right to opt-out.

Gwenne Farrell


Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378