Mission must protect its environmental heritage

District council bias revealed through meeting comments

Editor, The Record:

Mission has lost its vision.

On Oct. 17, for the second time, council decided to intervene politically, to spur on the development process in a sensitive ravine ecosystem near Wren and Lougheed.

When federal fisheries scientists recommended the development be “redesigned or relocated” due to its importance to the health of the Silvercreek salmon spawning habitat, council voted to contact MP Randy Kamp to appeal the decision (April 19, 2010).

Now, despite knowledge of endangered species living on the site, they have unanimously voted to contact Mr. Kamp again, in order to speed up the federal and provincial approval process.

All of this political interference, made on behalf of the developer, only serves to corrupt a process which is already heavily weighed against the continuation of endangered species. Council has revealed its bias with comments such as, “I think the developer has waited long enough,” and, “If it goes ahead it will increase our tax base.”

Clearly, we need a more thoughtful and balanced approach if Mission is to safeguard its precious environmental heritage.

Tracy Lyster