More cycling lanes needede in Mission

Editor, The Record:

Re: Bike lane painting a waste, June 9 edition.

I’d like to think you are the only person that feels this way!

I am new to Mission and frankly am very disappointed at the lack of cycling lanes. I came from a veritable utopia for cyclists: Victoria.

Overall, I am happy here. The neighbours are friendly and chat and even borrow milk and onions.

The recreation centre is for the most part immaculate every time I go. Recycling is as up to date as any city in Canada and even superior in some cases.

People chat and are silly in the grocery line up, and often smile and say hello.

I was disappointed to approach two RCMP to alert them to some sketchy individuals loading things they had previously hidden in the bushes down by the rail tracks. They seemed indifferent and went on their way.

Finally, community services for newcomers are friendly and accessible.

I guess for now my only beef is the lack of cyclist enthusiasts and routes.

Thank you, Mission!

Anne Marie Kenmare