Neville Cox presentation best one yet

The annual Thoughts of Remembrance drew high praise from letter writer

Editor, The Record:

My family has attended Remembrance Day services every year since moving to Mission in 1998.

This year’s was the best one ever. Our entire family wishes to express our thanks for Neville Cox for his pictorial presentation in which he profiled four First World War veterans, all Mission residents at the time.

Cox always gives a very moving and eloquent remembrance of the war years (this year was his 35th), but this year’s talk and his presentation exceeded all expectations. My father is a Second World War veteran and I grew up being very grateful to all of those who fought for our freedom and sacrificed so much on our behalf.

I really appreciate Cox’s eloquent talks every year. It is an annual reminder of all that we have to be grateful to the war veterans for. I would like to express my profound thanks not just to Cox, but to all of the hard-working, caring individuals who put together such a respectful and meaningful Remembrance Day ceremony at the Clarke Theatre.

It made me proud to be a resident of Mission.

Karen Gardner