P3 deals should not be on the table

Editor, The Record:Once again we see a public private partnership (P3) arrangement being mentioned as a possibility with regard to using Stave Lake as a water source facility, and to come to another public meeting to give our opinion. Don’t they know without asking that P3 deals are robbing citizens of publicly owned assets which should be held inviolate in perpetuity?No further P3 deals should be entertained. A P3 is an oxymoron because the public part involves the use of public lands, water or other publicly owned assets and are not owned by any government in office. As part of their duties, we expect government to look after public assets, not allow private corporations to make money off them with contracts that run for decades. Such deals show a high level of incompetence of those in office.The private corporations will make money during the contract. If they can make money, collect tolls, and various other means, it stands to reason that a competent government could also make money for citizens, would ultimately reduce usage cost, and would not be putting public ownership partly into the hands of private corporations.Certainly there is sometimes a high monetary outlay at the beginning of a facility, hospital, bridge, etc., but who has a bigger bank account than governments? And if they don’t, it comes back to incompetence and not listening to their own advice given to citizens to put money aside and save for future needs. So please, stop robbing our public assets to make money for corporations. This means no more P3 deals.Lila RauhMission