Park in town not to be confused with mountain trails

Fraser River Heritage Park is for the public and is not a dog park

Editor, The Record:

Re: Maybe horse owners should also pick up after their animals, Feb. 28 edition.

Although I applaud Mr. Murphy’s concerns, I believe that he has totally confused a public park in the middle of town, and what is happening in that park as a result of the many dogs that visit Fraser River Heritage Park with horses that are out on the mountain trails.

One really has nothing to do with the other. It is between eight and nine years since horses were allowed to go into Heritage Park, therefore his comments are irrelevant and have nothing to do with the park itself.

And in the event that Mr. Murphy is not aware, Heritage Park is not in or around the mountain trail areas that the horse owners use.

Heritage Park is centrally located, and the municipality attempts to maintain and manicure it for the enjoyment of the public; not as a dog park.

I am pleased Mr. Murphy is aware of what the snails and other insects will and do clean up, however, personally would rather not give them added encouragement to come into the area to clean our parks, when the problem could be resolved in a more practical manner.

Alexandria Slusarchuk