Parking questioned

Editor, The Record:

Re: Commercial/residential building proposed for former Syd’s site, July 21 edition.

This proposed development presents some serious concerns due to the lack of parking which such a building at that site would demand. The municipality needs to take a careful look at the actual site.

In that vicinity, there is an intersection, as well as the fact that First Avenue is a narrow one-way street, with parking along each side, which is is barely sufficient now to accommodate people who want to shop at the small businesses operating there.

There is some additional parking down on Railway Street immediately below First, but sometimes it is also quite full as drivers also use the parking spaces there to access the West Coast Express station.

So the question which must be answered before such a proposal goes forward is: Where will the estimated number of people park who want to live, visit or shop if such a new building were put there?

Under the present circumstances it does not appear that additional parking can be created, so this would immediately impact the businesses already established on First Avenue and cost them customers who will not be able to access their stores. This is not the way to improve things on First.

Also noted in The Record’s City Page a few weeks ago, a notice by the District of Mission regarding another application for rezoning to accommodate a proposal for two residential apartment buildings to be built on empty lots at Wardop and First Avenue.

This seems like a better location, not only being higher above flood plain, but it also has some open ground surrounding the site, if required. There is also the wide variety of shops alongside Safeway, selling many household and grocery items, etc. which would cut down on a lot of commuting to outside areas.

Lila Rauh



Editor’s note: The first-mentioned proposed development plans include in-building parking on the second floor, accessed from the alley between First and Second Avenues.