Peary’s actions ‘an affront’ to presenters

Editor, The Record:

Was that a misquote by Abbotsford Mayor George Peary in the Mission Record, April 7, 2011? Did he really call Mission a dog’s derriere? The quote, “I won’t let the tail wag the dog,” refers to Mission council turning down the P3 funding proposal that would give a private, possibly foreign-owned company, control over a major portion of our drinking water.

The vote occurred after a public consultation meeting where dozens of speakers, over five hours, rejected the proposal, except for a lone speaker representing the Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is not concerned about taxpayers possibly being on the hook as long as their narrow-focused members increase their business.

Abbotsford water manager Jim Gordon tried to reassure Mission residents that his negotiating skills and language would protect taxpayers. Anyone remember the sweetheart deal negotiated with a private hockey team which cost the taxpayers $500,000 this year and possibly for nine more years in Abbotsford?

Another P3 project, the Golden Ears Bridge, is costing a $30-million subsidy to a private company this year and who knows how much in the future.

It sounds like Abbotsford council has their mind made up so why waste residents’ time doing comprehensive research and making informed presentations. Mayor Peary’s action’s are an affront to concerned presenters and reminds one of a spoiled adolescent having a tantrum or the manifestation of a bully.

There has been a lot of talk lately about seniors being vulnerable to scams by smooth-talking fraudsters. Mayor Peary, you may be the next victim.

T.B. Mortimer