Prime minister criticism ‘over the top’

Harper is the best person to lead Canada into the future

Editor, The Record:

I do appreciate Steve Moore’s very informative and skillful responses to Robert Rock’s “vitriolic” letter of Oct. 19, plus many others that irritate like “gadflies.” Rock’s frequently published letters are as popular as bad news.

Rock’s criticism of Stephen Harper is hugely over the top. Harper has a very well-earned majority right now, and I believe he’s the best man to lead our nation into the future. However, the best of men are only men at the best of times. He does not always know all the right answers but he believes in a God who does, who has a plan.

Canadians need to uplift our leaders in prayer instead of bad-mouthing them. I hope and pray that Harper’s much-needed improvement plan for our justice system includes a look at Texas, where they have actually started needing fewer prisons. Not due to more executions, but by mandatory treatment programs including community service. In Texas, criminals of various stripes are restored to their families and usefulness. Many of these programs are faith-based and grounded in everyday sense.

How many people from Mission cross the bridge daily, weekly and monthly to shop? I am sure it is a huge number. Prices for materials are mostly cheaper locally, so why not support these businesses and keep our money here?

My wife and I were privileged to visit Ottawa in August. Carved in stone above the entrance to the Peace Tower are the words of Psalms 72:8. The second verse says, “May our leaders judge our people rightly and the afflicted with justice.

What wonderful and wise words from the son of an uneducated shepherd who trusted in God.

Pray for God’s help and wisdom for the new council that we will elect soon.

Tom Morrison


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