Print letter writer’s full name

Editor, The Record:

Re: Three years have passed and it’s time for inquest, March 31 edition.

For the second time, a letter from J. Pratt, Mission, has been printed, criticizing the Mission RCMP. I have had comments from family and friends regarding the letters.

While I respect J. Pratt’s opinion, this letter was not written by me. It would be helpful to print the entire name of the writer in the future.

I have personally had many excellent experiences with the Mission RCMP. For example, on one occasion when children had been abducted, one particular officer worked tirelessly, day and night, to locate and retrieve the children. He went far beyond the call of duty in assisting the parent.

On another occasion, Const. Patterson, with assistance from search and rescue, located and brought home an exhausted young mother and her toddler who were lost on a mountain while hiking, carrying the child much of the way through the bushes.

I know of other officers who give countless hours in volunteer work. I remain grateful for the dedication of these many officers of the Mission RCMP.

Janet L. Pratt