Property owners should be forced to clean up

Editor, The Record:

It is great that some property owners take time to show they have pride in their property through the Communities in Bloom event.

On the other hand, it is simply disgusting that our mayor and council and municipal staff to absolutely nothing to improve the appearance of our community. I refer to unsightly premises. There are bylaws in place to deal with the far-too-many dumpy-looking residences. Whether they be owner occupied, or rental properties, it should make no difference.

Take a look around as you travel in our community. There are properties on main thoroughfare routes where vehicles, mostly unroadworthy, decorate the entire property. There are recreational vehicles parked in the front yards of some homes, and I don’t think even rats would survive in them. Then there are some boat owners who choose to decorate their front yards with boats, some of which haven’t seen water for many years, or even water to wash off the dirt.

These people have absolutely no pride in what they own or in their properties. A bylaw officer should simply notify the property owner of the infraction and give a reasonable time to comply. If they don’t, the municipality would levy a fine and could increase staff, or re-assign duties to existing staff to clear up the mess and make Mission like it should be.

If you agree with this, convey your thoughts to the upcoming and incoming mayor and council, and hopefully, when elected they can bring about the improvements that are long overdue.

Jason Alexander