Question water bills

Editor, The Record:

For some 30 years, we have read/listened to various Abbotsford politicians bemoan their lack of water and need for a constant source to meet their growing economic/residential needs.

Studies have been commissioned, reports prepared of sites ranging from Harrison Lake to Cultus Lake and places in between. Yet over the years, nothing beyond the studies was ever done.

Now Stave Lake is being considered. I find it quite astonishing that we, the taxpayers of Mission, are going to be on the hook paying for this project. What benefit is it to us to have a $100-million pipeline under the Fraser River to Abbotsford?

How much are our taxes going to increase and for how long? Why did our elected mayor and council agree to Mission’s joining with Abbotsford to form a joint water management system? Did they not foresee something like this happening? If not, why not?

In the future, if Mission needs additional water sources, we can easily access Stave Lake and attach the necessary pumping station, filtration plant, etc. to our existing water mains.

Citizens of Abbotsford must be grateful to their elected officials for finding others to help them foot their bills.

Citizens of Mission should be questioning this.

J. Garneau