Recall both Mission MLAs

Editor, The Record:Re: Dalton has done little for Mission, March 17 edition.

I applaud Mr. Ryan’s recent letter to the editor regarding the recall of Marc Dalton MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission.Dalton was elected with 68 votes more than his competitor and it was just a few days later that it was leaked that the Fraser Health Authority had put Mission Memorial Hospital’s emergency department on the chopping block.

This was very convenient for Mr. Dalton as had this information been released even a day before the election, it is almost certain that 68 would-be BC Liberal voters would have stayed home or voted otherwise.

I also find it very odd that Elections BC decided to split Mission into two ridings shortly before the 2009 election when it was clear that Mission MLA Randy Hawes had won the 2005 election Mission riding by the seat of his pants.While Dalton hasn’t done much for our riding I think that the blame of allowing Mission hospital to be gutted like a fish in 2001 rests with Randy Hawes, who should have stood up for the hospital.

A true representative of the people would have at least crossed the floor in protest. While I support the recall Dalton campaign, I would be willing to personally canvas homes in a recall Hawes campaign as I would like to see this gentleman ousted.

Mr. Hawes clearly doesn’t see the health of Mission residents as a priority. His recent comments regarding the gravel mining around Lake Errock were that he couldn’t possibly revoke the mining companies licenses to mine as it would cost the BC government “10s of millions of dollars.”

Perhaps Mr. Hawes should have considered this fact before he allowed licenses to be approved for mining that would allow damaging carcinogenic pollutants to be released into the air for his constituents and their children to breathe in. To add insult to injury he stood aside while health services to his riding were cut back.

I made the move across the river from Abbotsford last year to Mission and am very pleased to now call this community my home. I look forward to seeing our two MLAs recalled and will personally assist in any campaigns to recall them. Perhaps I should thank them for inspiring a young person such as myself to take an interest in politics.

John WelshMission