Rot pots a great idea

Editor, The Record:

Re: Food waste bins a poor idea, Aug. 11 edition.

I personally think that the rot pots are a great idea.

The fact that it is great for the environment makes it an awesome program to introduce into the community. The amount of garbage I put out to the curb has been cut in half. Yes, it can be smelly if sitting out in the heat, but my garbage cans were the same way when I was putting my food waste in them, so I really dont see much of a difference whether the food rots in a black garbage can or a green bin.

I find if you put newspaper in between layers then it cuts back the smell. We must remember that summer doesn’t last forever and soon cooler months will come which will help out with the smell.

As for the animals it is true they live among us, but it isn’t just because of the rot pots. I have had my garbage cans knocked over many times by critters trying to get in and some have succeeded. I’ve had bears, raccoons, possums, skunks, and who knows what else in my backyard.

I find the local tomcat that likes to spray in my carport is more of a problem than any of the animals I’ve seen. This program will take some time to get used to, but it is very beneficial.

I think that 20 per cent of people using this program responsibly is a high number considering it has only been in effect for a short time.

Hopefully, that 20 per cent can educate the 80 per cent, and we can make this a successful initiative that will benefit future generations

Lori Billing