RTA overly favours tenants

Editor, The Record:While efforts are being made to find housing for the homeless, I have yet to hear of anyone asking why landlords won’t rent to them.The Residential Tenancy Act so favours tenants that it allows a tenant who has been given a government sanctioned notice to vacate, and doesn’t dispute it, to remain in the suite, while the landlord spends weeks and more often months to get a hearing for an Order of Possession. The tenant can also just ignore this as well.So now the tenant has been staying in the suite for months rent-free. It doesn’t matter if they are deliberately destroying the landlord’s property, or ripping out the smoke detectors and wiring in the ceiling. The police can do very little as it is deemed a landlord/tenant issue.Now the landlord gets to obtain a Writ of Possession and must hire a bailiff to remove the tenant. The cost to the landlord can exceed $5,000. The cost to the tenant: zero.I suggest  that if a tenant does not dispute the notice to vacate, a landlord should be able to remove them within 48 hours of the date they were to vacate.Maybe once the landlords feel they will be treated fairly, they may take a chance on some of these people to help them get permanent housing and gain themselves a good tenant.Paula MongrainMission