Skunks attracted to smell of spilled scraps

Editor, The Record:

Re: Odours might be human error, Aug. 18 edition.

You are missing the point.

In plain English, the point is that the neighbour stores his Rot Pot in the driveway next door, which is approximately 20 feet from our bedroom window. It sits out in the sun all day long and we are lucky to still see it upright by night fall, because the dogs and kids in the neighbourhood have a habit of knocking it over sometimes, spilling the contents onto the pavement.

Thus at 2:30 a.m., attracted to the smell of the food scraps, the skunks come along, who are confronted by the territorial cats in our neighbourhood. Skunks naturally give off an odor and don’t need to spray, but when they do, do not have your bedroom windows open. That odor will be permeably throughout the house for the rest of the night.

In response to the neighbours, far and near across Mission, who have stopped me in the street, or at coffee, telling me of their Rot Pot nightmares, some similar to mine and worse, thank you.

To the neighbour who apparently read the letter in The Record I wrote on Aug. 11, and moved the Rot Pot to another location, the problem has resolved itself. Thank you.

Ron Wilkes