Slow down in school zones

Mission parent encounters too many drivers speeding through school zones

Editor, The Record:

I live off of Fourth Avenue and walk my kids to school everyday up Stave Lake Road to 11 Avenue.

I can tell when someone is doing 30 km/h, which is the school zone speed limit. There have been several times that my daughters and I have had to run across the street as either the person wasn’t paying attention or they just didn’t care to slow down so we can safely cross.

My older daughter is in band in Heritage Park secondary and unless I have cab fare for her to go to it twice a week she doesn’t go because I can’t trust that she will be safe walking across the crosswalks and not get hit.

On my way home the other morning I counted 10 cars that sped by in a school zone that is only three blocks long. It is terrible when you are a pedestrian and people in cars are in so much of a hurry knowing full well kids are walking to and from school.

If you need to get somewhere, take extra time to get there and don’t risk hitting a kid in the process. Slow down!

Rachel Burnie