Some streets safer than others to walk along

Certain areas in Mission more dangerous to navigate on foot

Editor, The Record:

My wife and I do a lot of walking through the streets and stairways in Mission. We do so to keep fit and enjoy the walks every day.

The things that puzzle us the most are the streets that are not as safe as most. Dunsmuir Street between Seventh and 11 Avenue, for example.

On the west side of the street there is a paved part at the side with a white line. Is this a sidewalk? If walking south, we are walking with the traffic, not a safe thing to do even with the white line.

Most days it is OK, but on Sundays it is tricky as the church-goers park inside the white line which makes us walk in the traffic lane. Is it a sidewalk or parking area?

Another area is 11 Avenue between Grand and Taulbut streets. Another white line on the south side of the street. Ok some days but often a tow trucks large bumper sticks out across the walking area and sometimes a semi-tractor is parked blocking the walkway. Sidewalk or parking area?

Be careful, walk safely around our streets.

Richard Moore