Tax-free status for religious institutions should stop

True morality comes from science and observation, not religion

Where are our Ernie Chambers, the longest-serving state senator from Nebraska, who has just introduced a bill to eliminate state property tax exemptions for religious properties?

Skeptics like Chambers seldom get equal time in the media but it’s high time that they do. There is no logical reason that any man-made religions still get the deference that they do.

Especially when the narrow-mined fundamentalists and right-wingers then turn around and use this status against the best interests of society and the world by acting as dangerous reactionary forces against the common good.

The best way to separate politics and religion is to cut off the funding of these private facilities and that means removing their tax-free status.

We need more Ernie Chambers to come forward and move us away from the shadows of the Dark Ages.

We need to ditch all the goofy creation myths, no matter how devoutly held, and take our place as part of the natural world if we are ever to truly evolve and realize fully that true morality comes from science, observation, and experience, not from religious dogmas.

Robert T. Rock


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