Transit fare hikes affect economically disadvantaged

Society is known by how it treats least advantaged people

Editor, The Record:

Re: New transit routes and fare increases coming, Sept. 6 edition:

It is an understatement to say that I was dismayed to read in the last edition of The Mission Record that our district council, apparently without a complete analysis by staff, and without opportunity for public input, has decided to increase local transit fares by 28.6 per cent.

I seem to recall that this was the same council that fought for election on the basis of skyrocketing local taxation. Yet, with the stroke of a pen, they seem to believe that it is fine to increase the transportation costs for our most economically disadvantaged citizens by this whopping amount in one fell swoop.

Clearly none of our good council have recently experienced being on a fixed or marginal income with few transportation options. Good to know, however, that we property owners have had our service costs protected.

We are known by the way in which we treat the least advantaged among us.

Don Chapman