Water project should have been decided by electorate

Editor, The Record:

Re: Council rejects P3 water project, April 7, edition.

My message to Mission council: You are here to represent and act on behalf of the whole community, not on behalf of a bunch of CUPE workers who are trying to justify their overpaid — most of them not needed — union jobs!

As a property owner and taxpayer residing in Mission, I can’t believe something as important as our water system will not be decided by the residents of Mission. Let’s remember, Mission is a small community with a small revenue base, with a majority of the revenue coming from homeowners. We have very little industry here, and 100 per cent funding a project like this will not bring industry here. They will look at the tax rate once we have to pay for our public water and settle on another community! Mission is lucky enough to have a great neighbour like Abbotsford who is willing to put us on their back (100,000-plus residents) and improve our infrastructure. This is going to handcuff Mission for decades!

Shaun Thiessen