Who deserves a thumbs up or down?

Mission residents have varying opinions on cell towers.

The Mission Record is launching a new weekly feature called Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. It’s an opportunity for readers to express their feelings about any subject they choose in a quick, readable format.

The Record reserves the right to edit all submissions  for length and content, or refuse those deemed inappropriate.

To submit a Thumbs Up/Down, email the editor at kevin.mills@missioncityrecord.com or submit it on our Facebook site.


THUMBS UP: To the people that support people with developmental disabilities. I love seeing so many positive interactions at the Mission Leisure Centre for weekly morning swim as well as the Handi-dart driver that picks up a man just off 7th. You can tell they love what they do by the fun and caring way they interact with the people they truly care for.


THUMBS UP: To the Mission Outlaws. Way to go guys, you can go all the way!


THUMBS DOWN: To putting up more cell towers in Mission. Don’t you know about all the health risks.


THUMBS UP: To more cell towers. It’s about time we got them. Service is terrible in plenty of areas, especially Steelhead.