Who is our mayor and council?

Simple communication needed more than hiring someone

Editor, The Record:

Re: Council gives in principle approval to new hires, Sept. 20 edition.

Aren’t we watching our pennies, or is that just spin? I noticed that our latest Leisure Guide was in full colour, with upgraded paper and binding. I’ll bet it cost more than its predecessor.

I never seen any communication from the mayor or council about the happening in Mission. Maybe that was the Bear Aware coordinator’s job; we do have those catchy bear signs.

Randy Kamp sends out a black and white constituents’ letter, telling me what’s going on and asking for my feedback. Geez, I know who he is, but I don’t know who our district councillors are and haven’t a clue about what they’re doing or whether they even care about what I think.

Maybe if they climbed down from their lofty perches and sent the odd letter out to the community, they may not need spin doctors or citizen engagement.

Dave Mac