Why send Mission shoppers out of town?

Mission Food Bank can use donations throughout the year

Editor, The Record:

I hope next year the powers that be do not choose the two busiest shopping days before Christmas (Dec. 10 and 17), to load a “free” train, full of shoppers with loaded wallets and send them off to Vancouver.

What happened to shop local? What happened to “revive downtown?” I am sure this affected the merchants outside the downtown area as well. And to top it off, they took all the parking on First Avenue!

I don’t want to put a bah humbug on the train event — I know it is a fun adventure for the family, takes cars off the road, etc., but let’s rethink this before next Christmas; perhaps have the train take people in to Vancouver for an event in the summer, like the Children’s Festival. And I am sure the food bank would be grateful for donations any time of the year.

Janet Chalmers


Mission Downtown Area Residents Association