Works crew did exceptional job

Heavy rainfall showed high level of commitment from public works crew

Editor, The Record:

I would like to take an opportunity to properly and publicly thank my public works crew for their efforts through the 20 or so hours beginning at about 4:30 a.m. March 1.

Staff began answering calls that morning when the effects of the strengthening pineapple express began to take its toll on the municipality. Virtually every drainage system ran at capacity throughout the event, and our sewer system also struggled to stay ahead of the increased flows.

Throughout the day, staff dealt with overflowing ditches, various levels of flooding, plugged culverts and several landslides. Four roads were temporarily closed due to mud slides and instabilities and emergency works were required to re-establish and re-open those.

Occasionally, workers would return to the yard for another layer of dry clothes.

Opportunities for a bite to eat were taken while driving between sites, but like the rain, they continued well into the night. From staff in the office answering calls and processing work requests to each and every worker in the field, their dedication and professionalism should be recognized for their efforts here.

I thank you all for the commitment and dedication you’ve displayed to our community and for the refreshed spirit and inspiration you’ve provided me.

Matt Dunham

Operations Manager

District of Mission