Jake Bennett

Jake Bennett

Athlete profile: Alpine skiing: Jake Bennett

Never give up no matter how bad your day of training is going.

Name:Jake Bennett Age:13

Sport: Skiing – Alpine

Hometown: North Vancouver

Zone  Vancouver-Squamish (Zone 5)

1.    Why are you committed to your sport?

Because i love skiing, and my whole family does it. I want to be the best i can all the time.

2.    What are your goals for these Games and in sport?

I want to podium in these games and prove I can make team BC for Whistler Cup.

3.    How did you train and prepare for the BC Winter Games?

I work out a ton at home and at my school. I have trained Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all ski season.

4.    What are your other activities are you involved in (other sports, arts, volunteering)?

Football, biking, baseball, skateboarding, student council, drama, and dance.

5.    Do you have any family members participating in these Games or who have participated in past BC Games or at national/international events? If yes, please provide details.

My uncle Paul Zemla competed on the Ontario ski team. My uncle Billy Bennett at his prime was the top juvenile racer in Canada. My grandpa John Bennett played CFL football. My great grandpa Niblett competed in the Olympics. My great great uncle Bennett won an Olympic medal in rowing.

6.    Please share any other interesting stories about you and your involvement in sport.

I’m also hoping to make Team BC for football.

7.    Why did you want to try out and qualify for the 2014 BC Winter Games?

i wanted to show that I was one of the top in my zone and then compare myself to the best in the province leading up to provincials and Whistler cup.

8.    Who is your coach and what is the most important thing she/he has taught you?

My head coach is Jordan Williams. The most important thing he has taught me is never to give up no matter how bad you’re feeling or how bad your day of training is going.

10. What do you consider to be your highest achievement (athletic, academic, or other)?

Athletic; being the best I can possibly be and to be at the top of my game. Academic; A’s ad B’s.