Athlete profile: Figure skating: Megan Kan

Figure skating has helped Megan through good times and bad

Megan Kan of Coquitlam skates on Saturday.

Megan Kan of Coquitlam skates on Saturday.

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Name: Megan Kan Age: 13 Sport: Figure Skating

Hometown: Coquitlam Zone Name: Fraser Valley (Zone 3)

1. Why are you committed to your sport?

Because I truly love my sport. It has taught me many things that has helped me get through good times and bad times which has made me a much stronger person.

2. What are your goals for these Games and in sport?

My goals for these games are to do my best with the new technical skills that have been added to my program and to have fun! My all time goal would be to skate in the Olympics but also showcase my sport as not only an athletic sport but an artistic one too!

3. How did you train and prepare for the BC Winter Games?

I have been training on my skating sessions, doing many program run throughs. I’ve also been doing my off ice classes like strength and conditioning, stretching and ballet in order to get ready for the games.

4.    What are your other activities are you involved in (other sports, arts, volunteering)?

-Dance -Volunteering for schools “giving back” program

5.    Do you have any family members participating in these Games or who have participated in past BC Games or at national/international events? If yes, please provide details.

My uncle, Ken, competed in the 1985 summer games for volleyball.

7.    Why did you want to try out and qualify for the 2014 BC Winter Games?

To experience the spirit of the games and to get to know people that have the same interests.

8.    Who is your coach and what is the most important thing she/he has taught you?

My coaches, Heather Austman, Eileen Murphy and Keegan Murphy have always taught me to be persistent and persevere.

9.    Do you have a role model who has made an impact on your life (coach, teacher, family member, etc.)? If so, describe how they have impacted you.

My role model would be my mom who has taught me to be kind, honest, open minded and to never give up.

10. What do you consider to be your highest achievement (athletic, academic, or other)?

I have been on the B.C./ Yukon Prospect Team for two years in a row, Being continually on the honour roll and being apart of a benefit show that raised 11,000 dollars for the children of a young mother with cancer.