Athlete profile: Gymnastics: Drew Kanigan

Drew loves the challenge and adrenaline of gymnastics

Drew Kanigan of Merritt earned a silver medal in gymnastics.

Drew Kanigan of Merritt earned a silver medal in gymnastics.

Name: Drew Kanigan Age: 11 Sport: Gymnastics

Hometown: Merritt Zone Name: Thompson-Okanagan (Zone 2)

1. Why are you committed to your sport?

I am committed to gymnastics because I love the sport, the challenge, the adrenaline and I think it is a lot of fun.

2. What are your goals for these Games and in sport?

My goal is to have all of my routines above 11.0. I also want to have fun with my new friends and do well in the competition.

3.    How did you train and prepare for the BC Winter Games?

I trained 3 times a week, really hard mentally and physically. I tried to make my routines nondeductible.

4.    What are your other activities are you involved in (other sports, arts, volunteering)?

Lots of sports. Cross-country skiing (classic and skate-skiing), badminton, soccer, cross-country running

and mountain biking.

6.    Please share any other interesting stories about you and your involvement in sport.

I love doing individual and team sports. I try to get a lot of my friends interested in sports too. I’ve introduced a few to mountain biking and I’m trying to talk them into attempting skate skiing.

7.    Why did you want to try out and qualify for the 2014 BC Winter Games?

I love gymnastics and I wanted to have fun, compete and try my skills in competition.

8.    Who is your coach and what is the most important thing she/he has taught you?

Mr. Takahashi (Mr. T) is my coach. The most important thing he has taught me is to believe in myself and work hard. He can do the tricky moves and is able to show me how to do them properly step by step.

9.    Do you have a role model who has made an impact on your life (coach, teacher, family member, etc.)? If so, describe how they have impacted you.

My role model is Scott. He is a national level gymnast that I train with. He gives me lots of pointers and lots of hope and encouragement. My current coach, Mr. T. and previous coaches,Dane and Tyson, have all helped me achieve my potential.

10. What do you consider to be your highest achievement (athletic, academic, or other)?

My highest achievement is in sports. I love all sports. I rode Aline at Whistler when I was 7 years old. In gymnastics when I learned the Stoop I was ecstatic.