Cindy Wiens (left) had some good luck out on the Fraser at the end of October. The angler hooked a nine-foot

Catching the big one, twice

Woman catches two large sturgeon during Mission fishing trip.

  • Fri Nov 6th, 2015 8:00am
  • Sports

Cindy Wiens hooked a big one on Tuesday, Oct. 20, while sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River. In fact, she hooked two big ones.

The Rocky Rapids, Alta. woman was fishing with her husband Jerret and guide Chad of The couple have been fishing in the Fraser for 14 years and have caught and tagged many sturgeon over the years.

She hooked a fish and said, “I think it’s a little one.”

“Suddenly, this nine-foot, two-inch fished jumped in the air and crashed down into the water before taking off down river,” Jerret said.

“Cindy was determined to bring this fish in by herself and awhile later, with very sore arms, she got to take pictures with this giant and video its release.”

About an hour later, she caught another giant – eight feet, four inches in length.

“She needed a little help from me to bring it in, as she was still worn out from her nine-foot, two-inch fish,” Jerret said.