Figure skating: Gibsons, Nelmes and McKenzie take podium

The juvenile men's competition took place at the Mission Leisure Centre

  • Feb. 23, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Cassie Terepocki

Beres Clements of Gibsons won the gold medal in the juvenile men’s division on Friday afternoon at the Mission Leisure Centre.

After a great performance, he received a score of 34.62. Dreyton Nelmes of West Kelowna took the silver medal with a score of 28.95, while Cayden McKenzie of Delta was right behind Dreyton in points, with a score of 27.85, which was good enough for a bronze.

The boys received their medals Saturday evening at the Mission Leisure Centre.

“I feel happy because I won without a bad skate,” said 12-year-old Beres, who set a personal best this weekend.

“After Beres joined the Connaught skating club in Richmond one and a half years ago, he’s improved immensely. He is a very determined skater, and we are very proud of him this weekend, especially since he cleanly landed his first double axle,” said Clement’s coach Lorenza Sammarelli.