HPSS Highlanders second in league play, 17th in B.C.

The Heritage Park Highlanders senior girls basketball team sits with a 7-1 record in league play — and that’s with the coach lamenting about missed shots.

The senior girls squad has been playing solidly so far, said Chan, but two key Grade 12 players who have been missing the past few games while on the injured list have dropped the team competitiveness from where the coach wants it to be.

“We’ve done good and bad things and we haven’t been overly consistent, but we’re still in the top 20 of the province,” said Chan. “We just don’t score.”

Aside from standout player Erin Chambers, the next two players who regularly made baskets were the two injured girls. One returned at the beginning of the week, he noted.

Building shootings skills during the season is a hard road to follow as the majority of practices are used to make the team gel as a unit. Those individual skills need to be worked on in the off-season, he stated.

Chan said half the team graduates at the end of the year but there are bright spots on the horizon, especially the Grade 10 sisters, Chelsea and Mackenzie Fowler.

“They’ve really stepped up for us. They’ve been starting regularly,” he said.

The Highlanders next play against WJ Mouat at home tonight. The team hosts the eight-team Bagpipe Invitational Jan. 29-30 at Heritage.