Mission boxers earn unanimous decision wins in Seattle tourney

Cody Brown and Sean McIntosh each earned another win in their records at a recent boxing tournament in Seattle, Wash.

Cody Brown, 14, fought Bryant Ayala from Oregon’s Chief Cornerstone Boxing.

“We knew that this was going to be a tough fight for Cody because Bryant came in with over 100 fights compared to Cody’s 34,” said Mission Boxing Club coach Dale Gatin.

Ayala came out in the first round very aggressively, trying to work the body. Brown had an excellent defense, said Gatin, and was able to counter Ayala with a straight right hand.

In the second round they both stood toe-to-toe and traded combinations, but by the third, Brown’s conditioning paid off and he was able to back Ayala up with his jab and right-hand left hook.

Brown won the unanimous decision.

Sean McIntosh, 18, fought Jeremy McCleary from Seattle. McCleary had 64 fights compared to Sean’s 25 fights. “We knew that Jeremy was a brawler, and so we used Sean’s height to advantage and he kept Jeremy away with his long reach and excellent defensive skills,” Gatin related. “Sean was able to counterpunch Jeremy … scoring a lot of points.”

McIntosh went on to win an easy unanimous decision.