Ringette: Fraser Valley wins bronze at ringette

Ringette: Fraser Valley wins bronze at ringette

Fraser Valley pulls ahead with 10 minutes left on the clock

Alina Konevski

Black Press

The Fraser Valley ringette team beat Thompson-Okanagan Zone 2A with a score of 11-6 on Sunday, winning the bronze medal at the B.C. Winter Games.

After a slow start and a fairly tight game, Fraser Valley pulled ahead with 10 minutes on the clock.

When asked what accounted for the turn, players said it was their attitude.

“Our spirits were more up (than the other team). We really wanted that game,” said Tracie Fawcett, 14, from Langley.

At the height of the game, it was all about staying focused.

“We just calmed down and stopped panicking. We just saw what we had to do,” said Jessica Douglas, 13, from Langley.

Fraser Valley’s defence was also operating at full capacity.

“It was really exciting. Some parts were really intense and we had to get ourselves together…In the triangle, we were shutting the girls down on our end pretty good,” said Surrey’s Kiana Heska, 13.

It was the girls’ first and last time at B.C. Winter Games. Because of the age bracket, ringette teams get just one shot to play. The Fraser Valley team was formed out of seven ringette clubs in the region, but they played together as one. The girls were all smiles after winning in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

“It was an awesome experience. We came together as a family,” said Heska.

The fast-moving game resulted in one injury. Thompson-Okanagan assistant captain Emily Elsom twisted her knee in the last five minutes. She walked off the ice and was recovering well at the end of the game.