Speed skating: Fraser Valley takes gold and silver in U16 3000 meter relay

Team finishes first and second in U16 3000 metre relay


Speed Skating: Fraser Valley takes gold and silver in U16 3000 meter relay


By Tyler Dyck


The Fraser Valley finished first and second in the U16 3000 metre relay, capping off a successful second and final day on Saturday afternoon in speed skating for the Zone Three team. The relay races wrapped up the two day competition at the Abbotsford Recreation Center.

Fraser Valley Zone Three – Team One, composed of Madison Karpes, Cara Maltese, Alex Chizawsky and Michael Warkentin, took the gold medal. Finishing in second was the Fraser Valley Zone Three – Team Two, which was made up of Bekky Clemons, Maria Kim, Steven Lim and Adam Holtby. Connie Kapak, Yolaine Kampman, Eric Spence and Eli Shock captured gold for the Thompson Okanagan Zone Two team.

Official times and results have not yet been made public for the 3000 meter relay.