Alec Kendall and Riley Martin.

Alec Kendall and Riley Martin.

Wheelchair basketball: Zone 2 defeats Zone 8 22-6

Fast game play and heart-warming camaraderie on display

Emeralde O’Donnell

Black Press

On Friday, Feb. 21 at Heritage Park Secondary, the round-robin wheelchair basketball tournament began. The second game, featuring Zone 2 against Zone 8, ended with a final score of 22-6.

Throughout the game, both teams sped through the gymnasium with outstanding demonstrations of camaraderie and skill; Zone 2, ending the game with not only a great score, but also a heart-warming display of friendship.

Stand out players Alec Kendall and Riley Martin demonstrated impressive efforts. Executing tough plays, they helped their team win the well-maneuvered game. Although, as a team, they hadn’t practiced much together, Kendall stated that they were “doing a really good job.”