BUSINESS TRACK: Leverage Chamber membership to get more employee benefits

BUSINESS TRACK: Leverage Chamber membership to get more employee benefits

Chamber's Group Insurance Plan provides all the coverages you could need

By Dan Roberge


If you are looking for more from your employee benefit plan, you want the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan. It delivers all the traditional coverages — life, health, dental, disability, critical illness — and much more.

The Chambers Plan is the largest of its kind, providing custom coverage to more than 25,000 firms. I can help you design a program that’s right for you and your employees. You’ll choose the types and levels of benefits you want from a wide range of choices, allowing you to control your costs.

I’ll also introduce you to the Chambers Plans’ guarantees. They’re key to keeping your plan in place for years to come.

Three or more employees? I’ll show you options that guarantee benefits to everyone. Pay your premiums on time, and your coverage is guaranteed renewable.

I’ll even explain how your firm will never be singled out for an increase – guaranteed!

As for additional benefits, you truly get more with the Chambers Plan. Every plan includes Best Doctors, helping employees and their families make informed decisions about their health care when it matters most.

Long-term disability coverage includes coaching services for employers facing difficult personnel issues. Employers can even refer employees for counselling.

Health options give your employees Preferred Vision and Hearing Services discounts on eyewear purchases, laser eye surgery and hearing devices, plus a Health Access phone line for answers to health, nutrition and regional resource questions.

And, if you want, your firm can use my-benefits software to administer your group plan anywhere, any time.

So get more from your employee benefit dollar. Request a quote at or contact Dan Roberge, IGL Financial Solutions Inc. at 604-855-1990, or