$93K awarded to Mission students

Mission Community Foundation's scholarship/bursary winners.

Mission Community Foundation's scholarship/bursary winners.

Mission Community Foundation held its annual bursary/scholarship awards yesterday evening (May 4) at the Clarke Theatre.

Seventy-four recipients were presented with a grand total of $93,000. Bursaries and scholarships span academics, arts and trades. There were several new funds added this year and some students received multiple awards.

Anyone can contribute to these funds at any time, or establish a new fund to grow a lasting legacy, today and for tomorrow. Call 604-826-5322 for information.


Adair Family Fund

Samantha Beaumont, Heritage Park (HPSS); Kiranpreet Grewal, HPSS; Torey Kesteven, MEI; Ross McLean, Hatzic (HSS); Aja Papp, HPSS; Maria Weiss, Mission (MSS)


Ross Allan Memorial Fund

Brianna Aura, MSS


Ralph Babuik Fund

Matti Tauriainen, HSS


Dirk Boswyk Memorial Fund

Marco Corbin, HPSS; Amritpal Gill, MSS; Lindsay Lloyd, HPSS; Brandon Nameth, MSS; Hayley Toth, MSS; Andrew Bauman, HPSS; Saige McVea, MSS


Fenmo Boswyk Music Fund

Alexander Rake, MSS


(SU#22) Jack and Mary Brown Fund

Stephen Saint Amour, Riverside


Michael and Cynthia Butcher Fund

Kirsten Brownell, HPSS; Hailey Kjeldsen, HPSS


(SU#9) Calnek Family Fund

Kayla Thomas, MSS


Jack Cannon Memorial Fund

Shaina Popowich, HPSS; Stephen Saint Amour, Riverside


Paula Chmilar Memorial Fund

Mathea Lawrance, HPSS


Circle of Wisdom Society Fund

Mathea Lawrance, HPSS


Esther Claire Kathleen Clemo Scholarship Fund

Teaching: Victoria Beaumont, MSS; nursing: Meaghan Brassart, MSS


Bernice Cordick Fund

Diane Foire, MSS


Derrough Family Fund

Khoa Vu, HSS


Hannah Dodd Memorial Scholarship Fund (year two)

Chloe Matthews, SFU


Ellis Family Fund

Matthew Lemond, MSS; Avnash Litt, HPSS; Adam Chaplin


Margaret Erskine Bursary Fund

Stephanie Aida, HPSS; Mark Andrews, HSS; Gulvir Gill, MSS; Katelyn Lohr, HPSS; Barret Pearson, HSS; Taylor Ziefflie, HPSS; Valerie Armstrong, HPSS; Emily Baerg, MEI; Shauna Clarke, MSS; Diane Foire, MSS; Sharon Qi, MSS; Kathleen Wenting, MSS


Finch Memorial Fund

Science: Valerie Armstrong, HPSS

Arts: Saige McVea


Annette Fitch Memorial Fund

April Pruijs, MSS


David Fryer Fund

Brianna Hardy, HPSS


Harris Family Fund

Beverly Chard, HSS


Vic and Hilda HollisterFund

Solveig Enga, HSS; Kathleen Wenting, MSS; Anna Nain-Leventi, MSS; Silvia Parapini, MSS


Hollister General Fund

Stephen Cara (Maley), HPSS; Jeong Ho Park, HPSS


Hollister Trinity Western University Health Science Fund

Erin Soares, MSS


Hollister Trinity Western University General Fund

Benjamin Steinmeier, MSS


Hollister UFV Science/Tech. Entry Fund HSS (includes first year tuition waiver)

Cole Kienas, HSS


Hollister UFV Science/Tech. Entry Fund MSS (includes first year tuition waiver)

Paige Rash, MSS


Jonson Bequest Fund

Jessica Pelz, MSS


LeDuc Bursary Fund

Therese Byrne, St. John Brebeuf


Clint Lobb Shake and Shingle Industry Fund

Mitchell Soetisna, HSS


Debbie Mattson Memorial Fund

Beverly Chard, HSS


Marilyn McClinton Memorial Fund

Kyla Justice, HPSS


Albert McMahon Memorial Fund

Rene Hoy, Riverside


Albert McMahon/Rotary Club Fund

Samantha Asling, Riverside


Mission Granite Club Fund

Kirsten Brownell, HPSS


Mission Logger Sports Association Fund

Shauna Clarke, MSS


Gerry Potter Memorial Bursary Fund

Saige McVea, MSS


Rock Family Fund (Pharmacy)

Arshdeep Gill, HPSS; Sharon Qi, MSS; Harman Riar, HPSS; Ajaypaul Singh, MSS


Carrie Skillicorn Fund

Adam Chaplin, HSS


Skillicorn-Melanchuk Bursary Fund

Hayley Ell, HSS


James Slusarchuk Memorial Fund

Hailey Kjeldsen, HPSS; Matti Tauriainen, HSS


Robin and Fran Sorrell Fund

Emily Slater, HSS


Elizabeth O. Stevens Memorial Fund

Megan Scarrow, HSS; Emily Baerg, MEI


Cynthia Verhulst Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alexander Rake, MSS


Yum Science Fund

Andrew Bauman, HPSS


Flowthrough organizations:

Abbotsford-Mission Business and Professional Women’s Club

Samantha Raniak, HSS


Aldergrove Credit Union

Shaun Car, HPSS; Jennifer Funk, MSS; Migne Theron, MSS


Mission Health Care Auxiliary

Samuel Laughlin, MSS; Hayley Bessette, HPSS; Katherine Clark, HPSS


(SU#19)Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Legacy Fund

Celine To, MSS


Mission Rotary Clubs

Kathleen Fryer, HPSS; Hayley Ell, HSS; Saige McVea, MSS