Breastfeeding challenge in Mission Oct. 1

Mission mothers are joining others around the world Oct. 1 at 11 a.m. to compete to set the record for most children breastfeeding simultaneously.

The local event runs from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Mission Health Unit, 32618 Logan Ave., hosted by Fraser Health Authority, La Leche League and the Mission Early Childhood Development Committee.

Winners will be announced for the site, country and region where there are the highest number of breastfeeding children are located.

To level the playing field between large and small, each site will be entered into one of four groups determined by birth rate.

Organizers have put together this challenge because of the well-documented benefits including better health for both mothers and babies. Even in modern conditions, breastfeeding is protective against a number of infant and childhood illnesses and infections with the incidence among formula-fed infants two to five times higher for gastrointestinal illness, respiratory illness, ear and urinary tract infections, eczema, and necrotizing enterocolitis.

For more information visit, or call Laura at 604-820-4367, or the Health Unit at 604-814-5500.