You can help cats stay warm this winter. / Submitted Photo

You can help cats stay warm this winter. / Submitted Photo

Coolers help cold cats

Mission’s Fraser Valley Humane Society launches new program

The Fraser Valley Humane Society is launching a new program in aid of Mission’s homeless cat population.

Thanks to the generosity of the society’s long-time supporter Valerie Morrison, the group is now offering extreme-weather shelters to anyone in the community taking care of homeless cats.

With frigid temperatures already here, the society is offering shelters made from 48-litre insulated coolers with an access hole drilled out and lined with straw. The innovation is waterproof and requires no other insulation besides the straw.

Each shelter should comfortably house one or two average-size cats.

If there is a demand for them, the society may offer wooden ones in the future.

Once distributed, the shelters will belong to the person they have been assigned to, as will the responsibility to keep it clean and replace straw as needed.

If the shelter is no longer needed, the society will be happy to take it back and pass it on to someone else who needs it.

Documentation will be provided on proper placement, enticing cats to use them and other pertinent information regarding the care of feral cats and deterring vermin.

Anyone who lives on communal property, such as a condo or apartment, will need to bring in a letter of permission to place the shelter on common property.

For more information, email If you want to donate a used cooler, bring it to the society at 33103 N. Railway Ave. in Mission.