Many vision problems aren’t visibly apparent.

Many vision problems aren’t visibly apparent.

SIGN ME UP: Vision an important part of school success

Get a complete eye exam and vision evaluation by a trained eye doctor

You’ve got the pencils, the books, and a new backpack for your child’s new school year but did you remember to check the most important tool all?

Your child’s vision.

About 80 per cent of classroom instruction is visual, and one in four children has a vision problem that impairs learning.

Here are a few common signs of vision problems:

• Slow to learn the alphabet, math, or spelling.

• Not enjoying reading.

• Poor understanding of reading material.

• Skipping lines or getting lost while reading.

•Needing to use finger or turn head to follow text.

• Poor control of attention.

• Covering one eye or twisted posture while doing bookwork.

• Struggling to finish homework.

• Sloppy printing or drawing.

• Letter or number reversal.

• Difficulty copying from the chalkboard.

• Squinting, fatigue, or headaches while doing close work.

Unfortunately, many vision problems go undetected until the child fails at school, and self-esteem and behaviour problems become an issue. The best way to ensure your child has healthy vision to help rather than impede learning is an eye exam by an optometrist.

Accurate eye movements, an efficient focusing system, and developed visual perceptual skills are as important as clear eyesight to your child’s success.

Vision screening is not a substitute for a complete eye exam and vision evaluation by an eye doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment of a child’s vision problems is a necessary component to school readiness and academic learning. Make sure your child’s eyes are ready for the new school year by visiting your optometrist.

Good habits can mean a lot.

• Ensure proper posture while reading or writing.

• Book work should be held at least 30 cm from the reader’s eyes.

• Holding the head in one hand while reading sets an imbalance between the eyes, causing reduced efficiency and vision problems.


– Submitted by Mission Eye Clinic