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Free new app helps Fraser Valley residents + visitors stay aware and plan ahead

Fraser Valley Regional District encourages people to sign up to stay informed
Fraser Valley Regional District delivers the Alertable app to residents and visitors.

When critical events happen, you want to be in the know.

The Alertable app is a free emergency notification system that lets the Fraser Valley Regional District to send alerts to residents, businesses and visitors when events such as fires or floods happen, or for community notices such as water advisories.

Alertable allows local governments, Environment Canada and DriveBC to deliver emergency notifications about weather, transportation, health, natural disasters and utilities.

These alerts can be delivered not only to the mobile app users, but to local landlines, and through text messages and emails to those who subscribe for those options. The app can be paired with iOS and Android smartphones, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Teams and Slack workplace communications.

Notifications happen in real-time, are reliable, and easy to see and hear. Each user can personalize notifications by type and severity – Critical, Advisory and Information. Critical alerts are always pushed to subscribers, and the FVRD uses these alerts to link to official emergency orders and alerts on the FVRD website. Subscribers receive any issued alert that includes the geographic location they’ve selected.

“Some parts of our eight electoral areas are unincorporated and are very rural with hills and streams, but there are families living in those areas,” says FVRD Manager of Communications Angelique Crowther. “The Alertable system is a tool that they can have in their hands to alert them about things like flooding, road closures, and power outages.”

The Alertable notification system became hyper-critical during the flooding that occurred in the Fraser Valley in November 2021.

“There were over 60 incidents reported and Alertable subscriptions grew by 127 per cent during that time – there are now more than 17,000 subscribers,” Crowther says.

Alertable logo.

FVRD’s Emergency Management Program monitors only the regional district electoral areas, and uses Alertable to notify residents that live in these areas. Their Emergency Operations Centre will be activated, if necessary, to coordinate response in electoral areas. The District of Hope and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs also use Alertable for community notifications.

“Downloading the app also makes sense if you live elsewhere and plan to be driving in the FVRD. Whether for work, recreation, or just passing through, it can be very useful,” Crowther says.

To learn more, visit the FVRD website, visit them on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for the FREE app online to stay informed and stay safe!