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If carpet can withstand a rhino, it’s perfect for Fido and busy families, too!

How one young rhino found a gig as a carpet durability tester
Blake the rhino - photo credit Rhinory.

When you think about carpeting, a lot of things might come to mind – a cosy living room, maybe the shag carpets of the 1970s and ’80s– but rhinoceroses and the looming possibility of extinction? Probably not!

Yet rhino-approved flooring is literally a thing and we give it a 10-out-of-10 as far as durability –and cuteness – goes.

After a seven-year break since their last rhino-inspired marketing campaign, Mohawk flooring has brought back their rhino-approved carpeting. They’re also doubling down with the added edge of conservation thanks to Rhinory, a conservation-themed Texas winery.

“We’ve always loved Mohawk Flooring’s carpet products, they’re high-quality, soft, durable and versatile, but the story behind their ‘rhino-approved’ carpeting is such a cute one that we can’t help but want to share it with everyone,” says Betty-Lou Swanson, owner of Atlanta Flooring in Mission.

“Mohawk’s ‘rhino-approved’ carpet is a really creative way to show just how durable their SmartStrand carpets really are. I mean, if it can stand up to a rhino, it’s safe to assume it can stand up to Fido and the kids, too.”

From top left to bottom right - Mohawk installs carpeting in Blake’s enclosure, Blake outside of his enclosure, Mohawk carpet in-stock at Atlanta Flooring, Blake resting on his SmartStrand carpet.

This past spring, Blake, a five-year-old, 4,000-pound rhino got a SmartStrand upgrade to the flooring in his enclosure. For 14 days, Blake played, laid, rolled and did a whole lot more to the ‘white linen’ carpeting in his enclosure before Mohawk returned to perform their standard four-part cleaning process. After a first pass with water, then three passes with their eco-friendly soap, the carpet looked virtually brand new!

Beyond the hard-wearing good looks of their carpet, Mohawk is also drawing attention to the serious plight of the rhino and Rhinory’s good work to save the species from extinction.

The 55-acre ranch provides visitors with a chance to get up close and personal with resident rhino Blake, while enjoy excellent wine and helping rhino conservation. Their long-term goal is to help white rhino populations through a breeding program. By 2025, they aim to add a few female rhinos to their herd, with the hopes that Blake will father the next generation of this critically endangered species.

For details, visit Atlanta Flooring in Mission at #101-7057 Beatty Dr. or online at Follow them on Facebook for additional tips, tricks, deals and promotions!

Find Blake the rhino online here or follow him on Instagram for the latest updates on Rhinory’s conservation efforts.

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