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Mission flooring experts share innovations transforming home renovations for 2023

An insider’s look at 2023 trends – what to watch for and how to choose!
Here in Mission, Atlanta Flooring has been in the flooring game for more than 30 years - Photos courtesy of Atlanta Flooring

Building your dream house in the New Year? Planning to finally accomplish those much-needed renovations this spring?

From colour schemes to trim choices, having so many important decisions to make can often feel overwhelming! That’s why support from trusted building design and supply specialists can make all the difference when deciding what details matter and where to invest your renovation dollars.

Here in Mission, Atlanta Flooring has been in the flooring game for more than 30 years – who better to share tips about choosing flooring best-suited to your personal needs and on what to watch for in the new year?

As we close out 2022, more homeowners are choosing a single product for the main traffic areas such as bedrooms and stairs, instead of a variety of different flooring in every individual space, with tile – either vinyl or ceramic – remaining the No. 1 choice for mudrooms and bathrooms.

“Going into 2023 we anticipate growing demand for more waterproof flooring varieties, especially in hardwood, vinyl plank and laminate categories,” says Ed Swanson, who with co-owner Betty-Lou Swanson has grown Atlanta Flooring into the trusted, longstanding local business it is today.


“Hardwood is seeing the most innovative changes of all the categories, with more manufacturers going for a thinner top wood veneer and a water-resistant backing and top layer,” Ed says. “They are real hardwood floors, just with added benefits like being thinner, easier to install and quieter than standard hardwood, with a better wear layer. They’re also generally less expensive than some engineered hardwood.”

When it comes to colour trends for hardwood, “the most popular options continue to be natural wood tones, with some slight greying in the background.”


“Laminate has made a huge comeback with the new Lifetime series, ” Swanson says.

“This laminate category is popular because it has a water resistant core, that’s a lot denser than a standard laminate. With this denser core, the Lifetime series can be installed in an entire home without any unsightly expansion transitions in doorways. Aside from hardwood, this is as real looking as they come with pattern registered embossed finishes.”

Vinyl Plank:

Now for the flooring option everyone is talking about: vinyl plank! “While generally quieter to walk on than say a laminate or hardwood, because it’s made of vinyl, it can scratch easier than a laminate or some of the hardwoods,” Swanson says.

“This last year we’ve started to see some manufacturers come out with a ‘scratch-resistant finish’ – a total game-changer for this category, but as a new product, only some suppliers are offering this for now, so be sure to inquire!”

Pro-tip from Ed Swanson: “I will ALWAYS recommend a good-quality carpet when it comes to stairs. It’s the safest flooring option, and you can now get warranty on carpet for stairs, where you couldn’t a few years back,” Ed says. “By choosing a beautiful carpet like wool or a high-end synthetic product with a nice pattern, it will still cost less than putting a hard surface on stairs and will look like a piece of art in its own right. With so many new styles, patterns and colours available for carpets it’s easy to find a style that matches every homes aesthetic.”

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