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The ride of your life is right here

Many factors involved in choosing the right vehicle for you
Jas Sharma

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Most folks drive to simply achieve going from point A to point B. If that’s you, then continue reading for inspiration and a possible change in the way you think about automobile transportation.

Obviously, there are more factors involved in getting to and from destinations, including safety and various costs, such as fuel and maintenance. For lots of people, just the fun of driving is a major factor in choosing a vehicle. Many think about all of the above.

When Mazda designed and launched the CX-5 back in 2014 they had no way of knowing it would surpass all expectations and become a class leader in its category. This award-winning, practical compact SUV is now available offering Mazda’s full state of the art SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.

Many car owners currently own older technology which do not offer the many advantages of SKYACTIV features. If you are currently in the market for a new ride, then look at these SKYACTIV attributes;

•    Lower fuel consumption than competitors

•    High compression ratios offering better efficiency

•    Reduced friction on inner engine workings

•    Smoother transmissions

•    More available torque

•    Stronger body rigidity with less weight with improved safety

•    Chassis & suspension upgraded

All of this without giving up an ounce of Mazda’s signature driving exhilaration!

As a recent Mazda CX-5 owner and Mission resident, Jas Sharma says, “ My family chose our CX-5 since I raved about the car when I would come home from work. The CX-5 offers safety, fuel savings, comfort, stowage and reliability. It is after all, built in Japan!

“Given I work and sell cars at VIP Mazda in Abbotsford,  our own customers inspired me to consider one when the time was right.

“In our industry, it is not unusual for a salesperson working at a franchised dealership to not drive the product they sell. The CX-5 was simply not around six years ago when we chose our other car.

“Now we are very happy owners, and it fits our new family to a tee!”