Residents on 14th Ave. are asking Mission council for road improvements and sidewalks. / Kevin Mills Photo

Residents on 14th Ave. are asking Mission council for road improvements and sidewalks. / Kevin Mills Photo

14th Ave. residents want sidewalks, road improvements

Mission council listens to delegation as it lists issues, safety concerns

Sidewalks and road widening on 14th Avenue are classified as high priorities in Mission.

However, residents in the area are still waiting to find out if and when improvements will commence.

During the last Mission council meeting earlier this month, a delegation presented its concerns about the high-use corridor.

Michael Chenier and Eric Korzeniecki spoke to council about residents’ concerns.

“For over a decade we have been asking the district to upgrade 14th Avenue with proper sidewalks, curbs, to deal with the onging safety concerns, substantial increases in traffic, including emergency vehicles, speeding, illegal U-turns and poor lighting.”

They noted Mission has three main east-to-west routes – Seventh Avenue, 14th Avenue and Best Avenue – and say 14th is carrying the “largest amount of the traffic” but is still not built to the level of the other two roads.

“It has become a major route for drivers avoiding the Cedar connector.”

Council was also told there have been two pedestrian deaths on 14th Avenue in the last 15 years.

With a new budget currently being discussed, the delegation suggested that council consider upgrading 14th Avenue from the 14th Avenue Pub to Cedar Street. They also recommended that a large, well-lit pedestrian crossing sign be located by the pub.

A staff report earlier this year (May 7) recommended that a 14th Avenue road-widening DCC (development cost charge)project be included for consideration with the 2019 budget discussions.

The report also reviewed 14th Avenue sidewalk priority, identifying it as a high priority, with a one- to five-year timeline.

There are also pavement renewal and a major watermain replacement planned on 14th Avenue in 2019/2020, according to the report.

Tracy Kyle, director of engineering and public works, told council that a new report, with more current information regarding 14th Avenue, will be coming to council on Dec. 17.

She said staff has been working on the design for improvements and updating the budget, which could be in the range of $9 million.

However, that could be broken into two phases, subject to DCC funding.

After the meeting, Kyle said that it is too early to have a complete project cost as staff are still refining it.

The final estimate will include the complete upgrading of 14th Avenue to something similar to Best Avenue, and not just the cost of sidewalks.

The estimate includes widening the road to a collector standard, complete with parking lanes and street lighting. Kyle said that is the best way to install permanent sidewalks.