Atebe wants third term as mayor

James Atebe loves his job and intends to seek a third term in office as mayor, but he will not officially declare his position until September.

However, he’s aware campaigning is already taking place, and he encourages residents to learn more about what’s happening at municipal hall and the community by talking to staff, the mayor and councillors.

There’s a lot to do and focus on, said Atebe, who doesn’t want the November civic election to influence his work until after the summer.

Some major projects being worked on now are the waterfront development, SmartCentre project, and the seniors residences and health care centre project.

“I don’t want to be distracted from those projects by electioneering too early,” said Atebe.

The current mayor also made it clear that he is not a part of the provincial New Democrat Party and has never held a party card.

“I’ve always ran as an independent,” he said, adding his commitment is to Mission and its residents.

“In September I will put forward my platform and remind the community of my vision when I was elected mayor six years ago,” said Atebe.

Part of that vision is building a vibrant, healthy, safe, and inclusive community where residents can live, work and play.

Council has worked hard to achieve these goals, according to Atebe, pointing out the new Silver Creek industrial park is filling up and offering quality jobs.