Flames can be seen rising above a home on Seventh Avenue in Mission Friday afternoon.

Brush fire breaks out on Seventh Avenue

Mission homes were not damaged after blaze quickly extinguished.

Despite flames that could be seen above the rooftops, no homes were damaged after a brush fire in Mission Friday afternoon.

The blaze occurred at about noon in a vacant field on the southwest corner of Hurd Street and Seventh Avenue.

“It’s very dry in there and somehow a fire started but we managed to catch it before it got near any of the homes,” said assistant chief Blaine Odenbach of the Mission Fire Rescue Service.

One witness, Rick Burfoot, said he was driving west along Seventh when he saw the smoke.

“There was a lot of smoke billowing up and the fire was probably about 100-150 feet back off Seventh,” he said

“The flames were becoming quite high and seemed to be moving toward the house fronting on Seventh.”

The blaze was quickly doused.