Civic employees earning more than $75K annually unchanged

District releases provincially required report on salaries

Forty-four District of Mission employees earned more than $75,000 in compensation in 2013, according to a statement of financial information (SOFI) released this week.

All communities in B.C. are required to issue an annual public report on civic salaries over $75,000.

Leading Mission’s list of top earners is Ken Bjorgaard, chief administrative officer ($178,404, not including expenses), followed by Rick Bomhof, director of engineering and public works ($156,104); Maureen Sinclair, director of parks, recreation and culture ($130,900); Mike Younie, director of development services ($128,138); and Kris Boland, manager of finance ($128,059).

The number of district employees earning more than $75,000 have remained unchanged in the last three years. In 2013, there were nine career firefighters on the SOFI list with remuneration ranging from $90,300 to more than $100,000. Acting fire chief Bob Cannon, who was brought out of retirement until a new chief was named, was the highest-paid member of that department at $102,358.71. Cannon’s role as acting fire chief ended last April after 13 months on the job.

Of the 44 employees on the SOFI list, 18 of them earned more than $100,000 last year. In 2012 and 2011, 21 workers were above that mark.

A schedule of remuneration and expenses listing all employees who earn $75,000 or more is required, by law, to be a part of the municipality’s annual report.

In total, the district paid $15,122,291 in salaries last year for all workers – a $315,738 increase from 2012, when $14,806,554 was spent. In 2011, salaries cost the municipality $14,818,227.

The full list can be found in the District of Mission’s annual report at